Lone Star Window Treatments

lone star curtain tiebacks
Decorating with lone star curtain rods, star curtain tiebacks and swag brackets will make the perfect western window treatments. All of these western curtain rods and window brackets are made with durable, black wrought iron. Easy to install with mounting hardware included. These curtain rods measure 21 inch to 130 inches. The long western star curtain rods come with a center bracket to support the middle of the longer rods. This single middle bracket will keep the curtain rod from bending. The longer rods are the 60 inch to 130 inch rods. The western wall mount tiebacks are easy to install. The sturdy iron tiebacks will hold heavy curtains or shower curtains. The lone star swag holders are iron brackets that will hold swag drapes at the top of the western window treatment. The star curtain rod shelf brackets are decorative and handy to hold the curtain rod in place and add shelf space at the same time.
  • lone star curtain tiebacks
    Lone Star Curtain Tiebacks
  • lone star curtain rod
    Lone Star Curtain Rod 60in
  • lone star short curtain rod
    Lone Star Short Curtain Rod 35in
  • lone star curtain brackets
    Star Curtain Rod Brackets
  • Western Embroidery Star Curtains
    Western Embroidery Star Curtains
  • Turquoise Brown Rustic Star Curtains
    Turquoise Brown Rustic Star Curtains
  • Embroidered Western Star Curtains
    Embroidered Western Star Curtains