Call Family To Dinner

dinner bell

The Dinner Bell Chime is a unique way to call the family to dinner western style. The triangle bells can be hung on the front porch or on the patio wall. The dinner bell chime is loud enough to be heard down the street or across a large property yard. The great sound that it makes is perfect to call family and friends to eat dinner. The bell chime is made with durable, black wrought iron and can be mounted on wall, deck or a post. The family will love the sound from the bell triangle. Great for letting family know when meals are ready when outside on their multi acre property. It can be heard really loud and clear. This bell chime is also great to use to call kids to eat while they are playing in the neighborhood or down the street.
In the old days for a pioneer family, this triangle dinner bell was carried across the country and used during large cattle drives. On the farms, there were no overhead pagers to call in the field workers to eat. There were no microwaves to heat up the food if it got cold. The dinner bells became a very important communication tool to use with a family hard at work on the midwest farms. The bell also served a duty to call for help from nearby farms if neighbors were in trouble. Everyone needed a signal that it was time to get together and the triangle bell was the cowboy’s way of communication.
Dinner Bell Chimes

chuckwagon dinner bell